Since 1960...

Our history has begun with our founder's (Mr. Huseyin Kurumahmut) own story. It is about the life that dedicated to manufacturing more than 40 years. He was child when he started to work on metal works with his gun master father and brothers.Before implementing the Kurvalf Co. he worked on several manufacturing and production subjects like spare part for machinery and equipments, steel constructions, conveyor and silos for bulk materials and custom projects with his brothers. In the late 90s, while natural gas distrubition network works spreaded all around the city Bursa, he interested in valve maintance and repair especially on ball valve. After several year experince on maintance and repairing, he decided to production of ball valves with own brand Kurvalf.

In 2005, Kurvalf Co.Ltd is established in Bursa, Turkiye for production on ball valve up to 6”. Later on, following milestones were achieved so far 2014.

  • 2006 ISO 9001 Quality Management System and API 6D certifications are completed.
  • 2007 Kurvalf's own foundry is deployed with induction furnance 2 X 1 ton/charge capacity.
  • 2009 Production range has reached 16” class 600.
  • 2010 Production range has reached 24” class 600 ball valve and plug valve design works is completed.
  • 2011 Production area has reached to 3500 m2 and open area 1500 m2.
  • 2012 Production range has reached to 36” ball valve and 8” plug valve.
  • 2014 Production range expanded with 40” ball valve and 16” plug valve.

Today, Kurvalf has 2000 tons per year capacity with production of ball valves, plug valves and pressure vessels; heat exchangers, gas filters, odorization tank for Oil&Gas industry. KurvaIf has API 6D certificate and CE, EN ISO 14141, 10497,17292.